I am an active learner, and that is one of life’s greatest gifts to us: unlimited potential.

– Shari A. Roberts

About Me

Shari A. Roberts, MBA

Marketing Professional

New York, NY

Hello everyone! My name is Shari A. Roberts (first name pronounced as ‘share-ee’) and I am an MBA graduate of Howard University School of Business (HU YOU KNOW!) with a focus on Marketing. Additionally, I took two marketing courses at George Washington University to complete my degree requirements. I am also a BFA graduate of Long Island University Brooklyn Campus with a focus on Music. My interest and passion for the music/entertainment industry has developed over the course of 20 years, and I have been persistently chasing my dream of working within the music/entertainment industry as a marketing professional–though I have been keeping an open mind to the possibility of working in a different industry as a marketing professional and accepting the direction my career goes, as I equally love all things marketing!

Being an active learner, I hold numerous marketing and PR certifications (ie. Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, SEO for Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Public Relations Foundations, Public Relations Foundations: Media Training). I also hold a certification in ‘Fighting Gender Bias at Work’ in which I am very strong on the push for companies to do a 180° in respecting women in all aspects of the workplace; performance-wise, attribution-wise, affinity-wise, salary-wise and likability-wise.

3 Most Recent Experiences

CEO | Marketing and Public Relations Executive

SRPR Consulting Firm (clients assisted requires a high level of confidentiality).

Marketing and Communications Manager

Hefty Haulers (App-Based Moving Company)

Director of Marketing and Event Operations

Howard University’s Business of Sports and Entertainment Summit

(participated companies include MMG, Atlantic Records, Twitter, ESPN, NBA, NFL, MLB, Monumental Sports, Twitch, and more).

A Member of:

Black Marketers Association of America, NBMBAA – DC Chapter, Howard ENT, Epsilon Sigma Phi Sorority, Inc.

Let me help you build your story.

**It is recommended to email/message me first as opposed to calling first, as your call may accidentally be marked as spam. I may need to confirm your number.**

For employers/hiring managers: ShariRoberts94@gmail.com
For all other work inquiries: ShariRoberts@SRPRFirm.com

I’d love to hear from you!


Presentation – Analyzing Christian Louboutin’s Social Media Marketing and Campaigns

(PowerPoint converted into MOV – also designed and created by me)

Presentation – Analyzing BMW’s Marketing Campaign

(PowerPoint converted into MOV – also designed and created by me)

BMW Films -A Case Analysis (Team Member Names Hidden for Privacy)

Culture and Consumer Behavior – 1 Page Analysis (Team Member Names Hidden for Privacy)

Social Responsibility and Ethical Marketing – 1 Page Analysis (Team Member Names Hidden for Privacy)

Program, flyers and logo I designed for Howard University’s 2nd Annual Business of Sports and Entertainment Summit – September 2019

Social media/media kit content created for The Five Brothers (Instagram: @TheF1veBros)

Social media content created for The Center for Wellness and Pain Care:

Social media content created for Hefty Haulers (Instagram: @HeftyHaulersApp)

Flyers designed for Howard ENT – a professional organization for students pursuing a career in Sports and Entertainment (Instagram: @HowardENT)


Album Cover Art for my beats (available on all streaming platforms!)


List of Certifications from LinkedIn Learning:

List of Certifications from HubSpot Academy: