Fall in…

Some people fall in love…

Some people fall in convenience.

Some people genuinely want your company, while others find your company convenient for them.

Some people genuinely want your love, while others find your love convenient for their situation.

Some people genuinely want your time, while others find your time to be convenient.

Some people will never want to let you go because you add to their happiness, while others will never want to let you go because you make them happy. (Did you catch the difference?)

Let me repeat that.

Some people will never want to let you go because you add to their happiness (meaning they are already happy and you add happiness to it), while others will never want to let you go because you make them happy (they are not already happy, and you are in convenience to them because you make them happy).

You’re holding them together in some way, you are convenient for them.

Some people will be devastated if you took your love away, while others will be distressed because you are not of convenience for them anymore.

Some people will value your character and want to offer you their love, while others will be in need of your value to feel valuable, to feel worthy, to feel like they’re enough and to feel like they have love to offer you.

Some people will fall in love with your soul, your strength, your characteristics, and your company. While others will find your soul, your strength, your characteristics, and your company to be of convenience for them.

These people who want you around for their convenience are damaging, toxic, broken, lost, manipulative, and harmful mentally and emotionally. Knowing your value means knowing when you should NEVER be of convenience for someone. You should NEVER allow yourself to be in a situation as such. Know Your WORTH.

These people have not grapsed the concept and wonders of falling in love with themselves first. These people do not know how to be alone. These people have not sat down with themselves to dissect what problems they have caused, what they could have done better, what they need to do to better themselves, what goals they plan on achieving in their life (2-week goals, 4-week goals, 3-month goals, 6-month goals, 1-year goal(s)), what they plan to offer rather than take from someone or others, and, again, how to be happy alone. They have not taken action to see change within themselves.

They avoid taking action and becoming uncomfortable to better their lives — and instead remain in a comfortable situation to only think about bettering their lives with no real action involved. No real effort.

These people are a problem and see themselves as a victim at the same time.

These people want your convenience to feel better about themselves.

These people do not love you.

You will only allow yourself to get hurt while you are allowing yourself to be convenient for them.

You will drown yourself while being of convenience.

You will only allow them to unload baggage onto you while they are mentally reloading baggage.

It’s all in their mental, and they need to work on their mentality and soul search to become a better version of themselves. You can NOT do the work for them. That is a personal task we ALL are meant to do on our own. That is something they will learn on their own and master. It is your job to give them space to work on themselves, and to take care of yourself.

Everyone has a purpose in life, and that is to be happy with ourselves. Allow them to satisfy their life’s purpose.

In summary, understand the difference between falling in love, and falling in convenience. Avoid falling victim to someone’s convenience. Allow them space to find themselves.

Love Yourself First. ☺️❤️

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