Take Care

I hope you wake up every morning proud of yourself for whatever reason.

I hope the tears you cry are tears of joy from the future of you living your best life, and not tears for not being where you wish you were.

I hope you do not take for granted those who love you.

I hope you feel warm inside knowing you are loved.

I hope you start thinking of everything you did right in life opposed to thinking of everything you did wrong.

I hope you quickly think of positive things when negative thoughts attempt to control your mood.

I hope you smile at the thought that you have survived another day.

I hope you realize you are more valuable than you think you are.

I hope you continue to be yourself and dismiss anyone who tries to change you and/or belittle you.

I hope you choose everyday to have power over your life.

I hope you know you have another chance.

I hope you listen to your heart.

I hope you release your stress and just breathe.

I hope you acknowledge your strengths and persistence.

I hope you continue working towards your goals, no matter how imaginative they may be.

I hope you appreciate where you are in life at this moment.

I hope you are grateful for all of life’s experiences.

I hope you congratulate yourself too.

I hope you treat yourself better.

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