Detach and Attach

Detach from the worldAttach to yourself.

Stop overwhelming yourself with how great everyone else seems to be doing.

Stop being so engulfed with the success of others to a point that you belittle yourself, your capabilities, and your intelligence.

Stop believing EVERYTHING you see on social media regarding other people’s lives.

Stop dismissing your own feelings, your own goals, and your own personal/professional development because of the success of others.

…How insane does that sound?

Now is the time to detach yourself from the world.

Start exploring what your strengths and specialities are.

Start paying more attention to yourself; your thoughts, your actions, your time.

Start reminding yourself that your goals are possible, your dreams are possible, your vision is possible.

Start believing in yourself just a little bit more.

Start speaking highly of yourself just a little bit more.

Start taking care of yourself and your mental health just a little bit more.

You deserve the best that you can give yourself, and it’s way more than what you’ve already been giving yourself.

You just have to attach to yourself and know that your potential is as limited as you make it out to be.

As long as you are aware that no one is capable of limiting your potential, it remains endless.

Stop vicariously living through the world and start making things happen for yourself.

Detach from the world, attach to yourself.

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