Authentic Living (Transparency)

We all are aware of communication being The Key.

The Key within romantic relationships, family/friendships and your business relationships.

Letting your guard down, being open, having candid conversations, being honest with yourself and to others welcomes trust. It invites trust.

Through dismissing the fear of being vulnerable, dismissing how you assume you will be perceived and instead bare your soul, you are establishing yourself as a trustworthy individual. You are establishing loyalty. You show that you trust yourself and that you can be trusted. You show your true character, and that you view being respected as important – and as a serious component in your life.

You become admirable in the eyes of others.

You reveal your level of accountability.

You are giving yourself permission to feel and be real. Giving yourself permission to experience your emotions.

Fabrication will always lead to disappointment in one way or another. If you fail to be genuine, everything is at risk. Do not rob yourself of a happy fulfilling life.

If someone is judgemental towards your limpidity; opening up and being straightforward, it is not you that needs to shield your authenticity, but it is your cue to keep them at a distance.

Only stay close to supporters of you.

Transparency dissolves uneasiness. It dissolves the negative voices inside of your mental. It brings forth power within. The power to create a healthier living, make healthier decisions and draw in authentic individuals; build authentic relationships.

Problems are resolved quickly through authenticity. Teams are more easily developed through authenticity. The potential for growth stems from authenticity. Relationships mature quicker through authenticity. Misunderstandings are reduced through authenticity. 

When you are true to yourself and live authentically, you begin to shape your life and your relationships.

If that’s what you want — if you want an authentic life and authentic relationships — it starts and ends with you.

You will never truly grasp the significance of being authentic until you are.

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