Confidence Conquers

Build your confidence in a way that no

ones down-talk could dampen your being.

In a way that no ones opinion will phase


In a way that no ones negativity could

poison you.

In a way that no ones roadblock could

stop you.

Having confidence in yourself will free your spirit from holding back on who you truly are.

On the personality you have that will change your life for the better.

On the character you have that can change others lives for the better.

It will reveal the strength you do have and the dust you will not associate with *dust away* lol.

Normally, everyone will feel as if life itself is holding them back. When really, the level of confidence they have on finding a way through their obstacle no matter WHAT is low.

They are not as confident as they should be. Remember, when you want to succeed as bad as you want to BREATHEyou will.

Having confidence will open a lot of doors and opportunities for you that you assumed could only be dreams.

You know you are capable of accomplishing outstanding goals, proving everyone wrong, and fulfilling your happiness.

All you really need to pump gas into is your


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