If you are a victim of bullying, know that you are much better than whatever they say about you. You are NOT what they say about you.

Their only reasoning for picking on you is for popularity and power.

To see you down is to feel like they made an accomplishment and gained respect from their weak minions/associates.

They are weak.

They are all weak.

Only a weak person finds humor in hurting others, when 9 times out of 10 they don’t even love themselves. They only put on an act to feel/be accepted.

That’s all they live for. That’s all they feel like their life is worth, for the acceptance of others. And if they are not accepted or don’t feel accepted, then they feel like their life is pointless.

That is all.

They are weak.

They are weak minded.

They are weakly built.

That’s not who you want to be.



That’s not the life you want.

That’s not the acceptance you want.

You do NOT want to forfeit your life to them.
Those people barely make it in life.
Those people end up lost.
Those people end up handcuffed.
Those people end up getting betrayed by the people they thought they’d gained respect from by doing f**ked up sh*t – they even get set up.
Those people end up dead.
Those people end up forgotten.

Listen, if these bullies are threatening you, SPEAK UP. This is the time when SNITCHING is not SNITCHING, it’s STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF.

These people do not respect you, why are you respecting their wishes and commands to “not snitch or else” ?

Do you really want them controlling your life when you didn’t even do a damn thing to them? “SNITCH.” SNITCH TODAY.

Tell an adult right away! Let them know about all of the threats, taunts, beatings, and everyone involved. Tell your teachers, tell your parents/family, tell your counselor, tell your principal!

Even consider asking them to have you switch into a different school!

SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF. USE YOUR VOICE. SAY SOMETHING. DO NOT CARRY THAT WEIGHT IN PRIVATE. DO NOT CARRY THAT WEIGHT BY YOURSELF. DO NOT ATTEMPT SUICIDE. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SPEAK UP, and everyone will do everything they can to solve the situation quickly before it escalates any more.

You deserve to enjoy your life. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to feel like you are not alone, because you are not alone.

Smile, and start the process of freeing yourself and giving those bullies WHAT THEY DESERVE.



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