Passion and Patience


No matter what you want to do with your life, no matter who you want to be in life, with every step – be passionate.

Every idea needs passion behind it. Without passion, it will always be an idea.

Every goal needs passion behind it. Without passion, it will always be a goal.

Every dream needs passion behind it. Without passion, you will always be dreaming.

Passion will push you further in life than dreaming ever will.


You have to build your passion to get things done.

You have to work on CURING your laziness, your unproductive routine, your loss of energy, your weakness.

You have to take the necessary steps in pursuing what you have always put off.

You have to take the necessary steps in GOING AFTER what you chose to predict and assume as a “hopeless goal

Your goal/goals are NOT impossible.

You are CHOOSING to see them as “impossible”.

As long as you choose to see failure in every goal, that is all you will be rewarded with in life.

Choose passion.

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, think, move, and breathe passion.

However, do not carry your passion without patience.

Nothing great in life comes easy.

With every step you take towards your vision, you have to be patient in knowing it will all be worth it soon.

You can not have passion without patience.

With impatience, you will always be disappointed with the outcome you spoke life into – due to your decision to always see failure, to always fear failure, and to then always give up.

Believe! Believe in your capabilities and in your desires!

When you choose to run after your vision, RUN WITH PASSION – but always be patient in order to grab a hold of it. It takes time to get the best out of life, no rush!

Stop watching the clock and monitoring the calendar to throw yourself off, stop watching everyone else’s timing of when they jump started their career, be patient with yourself.

Be patient with yourself.


With passion and patience, you are destined to live your best life.

Your goals need the foundation of passion and patience.


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