Self-Love to Rise Above

When you live out of self-love, no one will hold the capability to destroy you.

To love your hair, your face, your smile, your body, your stretch marks, your cellulite, your walk, your feet, your laugh, your personality, and your presence.

Loving your errors for constructing your mind which partook in your growth. Loving your sun-shining days for helping you remember life goes on, and it’s beautiful. Loving your past for pushing you into your present, and molding you for inevitable success. Loving your brokenness for not shutting you down, every time you said you could not go on – you did. Loving yourself for keeping yourself together through all the hardships and tribulations that rolled your way like stones coming down a cliff.

Love your strength, your boldness, your weak moments, your weirdness, your uniqueness, your intellect, your YOU.

Love YOU everyday.

Choose YOU everyday.

Love who you are as a human being, remember there is only ONE of YOU.

Make the best out of YOU.

Be selfish in commiting to YOU and YOUR GROWTH. Make YOU important!

Commit to your personal growth, love yourself consistently, and love yourself unconditionally. Even if you back step to take 4 steps forward, love yourself every step of the way.

Self-love to rise above!


Shari R.

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