The Downward Spiral

There are times when you will understand that everything happening at the moment and what will happen are meant to happen, and you are fine. You are at ease with life…

 Then there are times when you’ll be unable to think clear, and everything happening and what will happen, you perceive as going downhill.

 …and it gets dark…

The thoughts of your well-being are weakening…

And you’re trapped in a state of depression where you feel completely on your own with this one.

…and it darkens…

 …and it’s an illusion.

 Everyone has their days.

 Everyone is dealing with an internal/mental battle against themselves that others may be unaware of.

 It’s a tragedy of mind…

 Do not defeat yourself.

 If you weren’t meant to make it through, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

and I wouldn’t be typing this right now.


and you wouldn’t have you.

and I wouldn’t have me.

and you wouldn’t have a mind.

and neither would I.

Please, keep reading to understand…


It’s a tragedy of mind…

The Downward Spiral.

Your Mind Controls You.

but first…

You Control Your Mind.

During your mental’s vortex process, believe it or not, you’re capable of slipping in pleasing thoughts into your minds downward spiral.

Don’t bury yourself, plant seeds.

This will help aid the deepening of your minds downward spiral; eventually leading it to an end.

It ceases…

You’ve made it!

You’ve made it back to feeling at ease!



YOU are CAPABLE of preventing it from getting worse.


That’s ALL it takes.

You’re supposed to be here.

You’re still here for a reason.

You have things going for you that others would die for.

You have a purpose in life.

And if you can not think of that purpose, just know…

YOU were meant to be a role model.

You may or may not be alone in your process of aiding it, but either way… it’s something only you can repair.

If you weren’t meant to make it through, you wouldn’t have you.

I’ve always been my own therapist for years. Trust me, if I can get through it someway somehow, you can get through it too. You have the exact same tool that I have been using, which is a mind. Use it wisely.

If I weren’t meant to make it through, I wouldn’t have a mind.

and neither would you.

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do is…

stop burying yourself, plant seeds.

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