Glow Tomorrow: The Breakup Bible , written by Shari A. Roberts, is a self-help book targeting those who are struggling to get over a difficult breakup/separation. Here is the book description from Amazon:

Your emotions are wavering uncontrollably, your mind is constantly racing with thoughts, and you are feeling as though your happiness has depleted. You may be stuck, confused, embarrassed, angry, sad, lost, drained, tired, depressed, and so on. Ultimately, you are suffering from the Post-Breakup Syndrome. No one, regardless of the situation, should have the power to control your happiness. Allow my two cents to help you recover! This book is a compression of my experiences, experiences I have witnessed, and experiences from others that I had came across through online discussions. This book is meant to tell it like it is – with tough love and soft love. You need to face the truth, understand and validate it, and utilize it for your growth. You will glow from this. Intended for both Women and Men.

You can purchase this book using the link above (the book title).

You can also grab your copy of the Kindle Edition using this link: eBOOK – Glow Tomorrow: The Breakup Bible (Release Date: March 12, 2018)

Amazon Author About Me Description:

Shari Roberts, 26, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Shari graduated from Howard University School of Business with an MBA in Marketing. She aspires to work within the entertainment business as a marketing professional. Shari spills her thoughts and wisdom onto paper in her free time, from sentences/paragraphs to poetry, and desires to share them in order to help others overcome their obstacles.

Though her first publication initially indicates getting through a breakup, it also indicates the possibility of getting back together but not to hope for this outcome. Take a dive into the chapters to further understand her perspective.