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Comments from Verified Signers for LaserShip Petition:

LaserShip is the most atrocious company I have ever dealt with and I will no longer make purchases from companies that use their service.

Toni Gilkey

LaserShip stole my birthday package. They did not file a claim. I called them everyday. A supervisor never called me back. Since companies do not have enough sense to stop using LaserShip, consumers need to do whatever we can to shut them down.

Tiffany Griggs

LaserShip delivered my Sephora order to the wrong address. Luckily, the homeowner was kind enough to contact me so that I could pick up my purchase. However, I will not be ordering from Sephora again until they stop using LaserShip. It’s just not worth the headache. I’ve never had any issue with FedEx, UPS, or USPS – whether it be with delivery location or shipping time. Not sure why Sephora can’t just focus on using those companies to deliver their packages.

Mary Ramos

“The company is the worst! They misdelivered my items and marked it as delivered. Are their drivers dumb? Can they not read properly? When I realized Bath and Body Works were sending my package through LaserShip, I literally said oh boy, here we go ’cause I knew this would happen. I don’t want to shop with them at all anymore. I’ll shop at Lush instead.”

Ottavia Hamilton

“This is a horrible company… I have instructed Amazon to not send my packages through them and they continue to do so. Laser-mis-ship stated that my package was “delivered, left at front door” and it was no where to be found. I ended up having Amazon reship my package because my original was lost. For a 2nd time they shipped through Laser-mis-ship and this time they stated “delivery was attempted- couldn’t leave unattended” but I was home all day and left specific instructions to either ring the bell or call my phone, neither of which they did. I have had it they must be stopped! It’s clear this company has no scruples and doesn’t hold it’s employees accountable and their customer service is terrible!!! No follow ups to complaints or concerns. I attempted to find out what their next step would be in making sure I received my package and no response. Seeing that soo many others have also had similar problems to me let’s me know that something has to be done.

Justin Smith

“LaserShip has lost every single package ever addressed to me. Every. Single. One. This petition deserves way more signatures. LaserShip is pure trash on every level and I’ve already stopped using every business that contributes to their continuing existence.”

Adam Donahoe

“I had 4 packages sitting in the warehouse for over a month only 2 were delivered!! The other two said delivery exception but how if the other two were in the truck and got delivered?!… My bridal gown and shoes sat and sat… I called everyday and the guy who answered the phone told me that they had to take it day by day… I wait 1 week later to check my tracking and it said both packages were destroyed and thrown out! It’s very obvious these people stole my packages!

Shontell Jones

I’m signing because LaserShip delivered my package to the wrong address. I’m very, very upset.

Tifphany Cunningham

“They said they delivered my package on my front porch and lied. I have security cameras to verify they lied! Now I’m out 400 worth of Christmas gifts. I was home all day waiting on this package. My cameras even verify they weren’t even in my neighborhood. They said they loaded my package at 2:33pm and delivered it at 2:35pm so it only took them 2 min to load it from VA and deliver it in WV.. come on, right there is a red flag that they’re stealing packages!!

Jennifer Nalley

“I’m also a victim of my package being falsely delivered. I did complain to the seller who is sending me another package. (Hoping to receive it this time but doubtful!)  
They need to be shut down immediately!

Olivia Gabriel

My package is two weeks late! They have lied and said they attempted to deliver my package but that is a lie I have been home all day waiting and I have cameras no LaserShip truck!!

Jheresa Hale

They claimed a delivery to my home with my signature. Yet I have on camera them pulling up walking to mailbox and walking away from mailbox with my package. I’m pressing charges.

Tina Schaible

They refuse to deliver my package that I ordered on September 18th.” (Posted on Oct. 2, 2020)

LaKendra Ford

“Any time you sign up and look at tracking, LaserShip always lies about its status. Their local outpost closes at 9PM; to make matters worse, I could walk there from my apartment building! Today was the last straw, as I needed them to deliver something to me today, and today being the last day I could accept it before I went out of town for vacation, hopefully toting the contents of said package with me, as it was clothing I needed and specifically purchased for this vacation. They’ve delivered things to me before at 9:20PM (after marking it “Delivered” at 9 – that’s a popular trick so that the drivers avoid getting scolded for not completing that day’s deliveries on the actual day; it doesn’t actually mean there’s a shred of truth attached to it); but they won’t tell you until an hour after closing the physical office, that they have no intention of delivering to you that day. They are a joke.

Feng Lu


Julisa Baez

“They’re the worst. Video surveillance shows no package was delivered, yet their customer service response was “Our delivery records indicate this package was delivered, but we understand you have claimed the package as not received. If the package has not yet been received, please contact your seller for further assistance.” They must be stopped.

Alexis Morrow

“They lose just about every single package that I order sent to them. I even tried using a different address to make it easier for them. They left one of my packages at the doorstep of my CLOSED business which I had to rush over to go pick up. Shitty company.

DeAnna Mansfield

“If your goal is to buy things and not get them, then LaserShip is your number one choice. They won’t let you down there. I’ll give em that.

Dave Keen

“Falsely claimed they delivered my package and submitted a FRAUDULENT signature. Obviously stole the package. How the hell are they still in business? SHUT THEM DOWN.

Eva Elyse

“Had a Fashion Nova package delivered and signed for. Never received the package.

Johanna Paulino

Comments from Verified Signers for FashionNova Petition:

“I love Fashion Nova and the way I look and feel in their clothes… I ordered from them and someone stole a pair of jeans out of my package and just taped it back up and they never provided assistance and replaced the jeans. They also need to ship their larger order in boxes, everything can not come in bags anymore.”

Gabrielle Green

“People are literally stealing items out of packages before they arrive and it’s way too easy to do. We spend too much money for this!!!

Takahashi Samantha

“I’m scared it will happen to me.

Ruth JeanFrancois

“I keep seeing this happen to the lady’s in a FB group I am in. Lots of people love the Fashion Nova Brand so these UPS, FedEx, USPS workers are stealing items and taping the packages back together. I order all the time and I would be so hurt if this happened to me. Packaging needs to be more discreet.

Stephanie Griffin

“I had ordered a dress over night for a very special event and the main item I needed was stolen. I was so hurt I could tell the bag had been cut and not torn.”

Brittany Cole

“Please change your packaging to prevent people from taking clothes from it.

Corenna Khieu

I have also received an opened package that was taped up and seven items were missing. Fashion Nova denied my claim and still waiting on PayPal to resolve the situation.”

Shanna Isaac